Saturday, December 13, 2008


I haven't posted pictures in ages -- but to be fair, I haven't taken any in ages. Daylight is pretty minimal, and I'm usually at work during it, so the opportunity for clear pics seem to pass me by. Of course, it usually so overcast on weekends that no natural light comes in. I'm not complaining though -- winter is finally here! It was raining and raining and snowing and raining... but now the snow is finally staying on the ground! I love it, and the dog is having a blast running around in it too. The streets and sidewalks are way too icey though; you'd think the city would have figured this out by now, but no.

I had a wonderful knitting session last weekend. A couple of colleagues from my department knit (and one crohets!), so three of us got together for an afternoon of tea, knitting, cats, and chats. Unfortunately, the girl who crochets couldn't join us; I'd love to improve my crochet skills and she is looking to improve her knitting skills. It was really my first social knitting event, as none of my other friends knit. We all had a great time, and one of the girls is having a knitting birthday party tomorrow. I'll be there! I'm so happy to have some knitting friends. Another girl from work was asking me how I learnt to knit, and said she is interested in taking it up. I told her about and encouraged her to check it out so she can join our knit sessions.

Life is pretty good.

Finally, a vacation!!

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